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Media is the most prevalent aspect of modern life. Very few people can live without a digital device that allows them to interact with others through mass and mediated interpersonal communication. However, even though students have grown up using various media channels, very few understand how to effectively use these channels.

Our department teaches media production in various forms and helps students learn to be critical users of media. Media Studies students are prepared for a wide range of careers, including journalism, public relations, marketing, advertising, media production, TV and radio, and social media.

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Broadcasting Emphasis, B.S.

Students actively practice using technology and build skills, as they research and learn Communication and Media Theory, to deliver TV and Radio based messaging. Broadcast studios, and on location event coverage of sports, campus & community events, provide authentic experience for majors.

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Multimedia Journalism Emphasis, B.S.

Focuses on preparation for careers in broadcasting, journalism delivered across a variety of media. Building on the CORE foundation of Media & Communication Theory, with essential practice in the use of industry technology and skills to use it: TV, radio, print and on-line content.

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Public Relations Emphasis, B.S.

Combines elements of public relations, marketing and advertising in targeted efforts to persuade, build relationships and promote opportunities using cutting edge media and messaging tools.

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Social Media Emphasis, B.S.

Combines the set of Media & Communication CORE classes with focused development of social media content and cutting edge application of web-based technology. Effective use of these vital tools are key to success in modern society.

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Media Studies, B.S.

Allows students Flexibility to build a custom set of media based skills to best prepare for their career goals. Using VORE foundation of Media and Communication Theory, in combination with the latest technology, to effectively launch into this dynamic, exciting profession.

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Media Studies Minor

Radio Dixie

Radio Dixie on 91.3 FM runs modern and alternative rock. Students are given the opportunity to broadcast live from the studio and from remote locations using the latest professional-grade tools. In addition, Radio Dixie has recording studio capabilities with the latest software tools at students’ disposal

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Program Learning Outcomes

  • The conceptual understanding of mediated communication theories from various traditions and practical understanding of media production, management and consumption with the theories.
  • The ability to conduct academic research, to explore conceptual issues in mediated communication, and to make academic arguments with established research methods.
  • The skills to create and promote mediated messages in compliance with technical and aesthetic principles for a variety of purposes based on in-depth analysis of the audience and situation.
  • The ability to apply good reasoning, critical thinking, ethics, and problem-solving skills to critically evaluate media production and consumption.
  • The ability to conduct professional research to evaluate efficacy of mediated messages integrating media analytics and metrics into qualitative and quantitative approaches.
  • The ability to apply good reasoning, critical thinking, ethics, and problem-solving skills to critically evaluate media production and consumption.
  • The ability to establish global and cross-cultural perspectives in evaluation of media production, promotion, and consumption.


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