Utah Tech University

Sun News

The Voice of Utah Tech University, Sun News‘ motto, tells students that this news outlet is run by students, for students. The editor-in-chief is a student, as are all the section editors. The writing staff, photographers, and multimedia journalists are all students. Indeed, only the adviser is a faculty member in the Media Studies Department. However, her role is truly as an adviser. All editorial decisions are made by the student staff. By providing this opportunity to students, the Multimedia Journalism program at Utah Tech University has successfully provided careers for outgoing graduates in many journalism outlets around the United States. For Multimedia Journalism emphasis requirements, click here.

Practicum Courses

MDIA 2210R — Sun News Production I

MDIA 3210R — Sun News Production II

Both courses are repeatable. MDIA 3210R counts toward emphasis elective credit toward any of the Media Studies Bachelor’s degree emphases. Students in any major and any emphasis are invited to take these courses for credit.

Scholarship Opportunities

Many student staff positions at Sun News provide scholarship and tuition reimbursement opportunities for students. Students interested in these positions and in scholarships can find additional information and a link to the application form here.