Utah Tech University

Insight Communications

Where Creativity Meets Innovation,¬†Insight Communications’ motto, tells students that this firm, which specializes in public relations, marketing, and advertising, is ready to mix the artistic world of design with the psychology of innovative thinking. Students make up the entire staff of Insight, with a faculty adviser providing, well, insight that guides the process of idea formation, planning, design, and execution. The new face of business communications is strategic communication, which combines public relations, marketing, and advertising. Our agency provides graduates with the ability to demonstrate to potential employers proven results. For Strategic Communication emphasis requirements,¬†click here.

Practicum Course

MDIA 4440R — Strategic Communication Practicum

This course is repeatable for credit. MDIA 4440R counts toward emphasis elective credit toward any of the Media Studies Bachelor’s degree emphases. Students in any major and any emphasis are invited to take this course for credit.

Scholarship Opportunities

Many student staff positions at Insight Communications provide scholarship and tuition reimbursement opportunities for students. Students interested in these positions and in scholarships can fill out the application form here.